May 7, 2015 by Art, Fashion, Photography

Demystifying the art of weddings

Right before that life-changing decision, before the “I Do’s” are said or before you realize how beautiful that moment is…there’s a lot of nerve-wracking and hair pulling scenes that are left uncaptured. It’s no secret that planning weddings is no joke, let alone having to plan your own wedding. There’ll be times when your caterer simply doesn’t want to consider the dent he’s making on your wallet, or the when out of the blues guests keep multiplying and you have no idea how many will go home cursing at your lack of hospitality when the food runs out! While all this happens, people seem to forget how special this day really is…the BIG day. So in order to keep things special, always remember to keep it creative and have your fun!! If you want to wear that dress that looks like it’s fresh off some runway in Paris, get it! If you want green flowers, make it happen! If you want your colour theme to look like the rainbow, go ahead! If you want your guests to be served grilled chicken instead of cake, then let them enjoy that chicken like it was their last!
Weddings are all about creativity and doing what you want!
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